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My question is similar to The SEO Impact of Migrating from Free Hosting on to Own Hosting but it was answered in 2013 and I am afraid things have changed.

Basically I have a Wordpress subdomain, which has some trafic I want to redirect to a static website.

I have the free plan of Wordpress. I tried to upgrade to 'Business', but as I wanted to install the plugins that enable to :

Verify your WordPress sub domain with Google Webmaster Tools

I am asked to change domain (in something like If I do so, I would lose all my backlinks.

Has anyone successfully migrated from a wordpress blog to a website without losing to much ranking ?

  • It costs you $13 per year to redirect away from free WordPress hosting: See also: Can you use an external 301 redirect for a blog post hosted on

Actually, Wordpress developed a specific feature to do this in /settings/traffic/ with a specific placeholder for various search engines meta tags.

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